POU 3300 Thermoelectric TCS

POU 3300 Thermoelectric TCS

Provides uniform and repeatable temperature control
3300 Point of Use Thermoelectric Temperature Control System
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The model POU 3300 Point-of-Use Thermoelectric Temperature Control System provides uniform and repeatable temperature control for plasma Etch applications. This system offers dynamic temperature control of the process chamber cathode / electrode / anode and can be synchronized with any Etch process. By using the POU 3300, Etch engineers can independently control the temperature of the process fluid to the wafer chuck at a level of ~0.1 °C which has proven to be a critical process parameter in,<130nm technology nodes.

Today, more than 80% of Lauda-Noah’s Plasma Etch customers use POU 3300 systems, achieving remarkable results in Etch performance, chamber uptime, reducing their Cost of Ownership while increasing “chiller” reliability and creating fab space savings.


Temperature Range: 
-20 to 90 °C
Cooling Capacity: 
1200 W at 20 °C
Process Cooling Fluid Flow: 
4 GPM at 30 psig
56 cm
11.56 cm
30 cm
25 kg
55 lb