Stand Alone Temperature Control System Applications

Stand Alone Temperature Control System Applications

TherMOstat 500

Stand-Alone Temperature Control Systems offer proven temperature control technology for processes that require a fixed temperature set-point. These systems are similar to conventional systems and offer substantial advantages. Specifically, Stand-Alone units are much more compact and reliable, requiring less maintenance than conventional, compressor-based units. The LAUDA-Noah systems can be easily retrofitted into existing applications with "plug-and-play" ease, providing a broad range of operating temperatures and heating/cooling capacities.


  • Superior accuracy and reliability
  • Small-sized units conserve valuable space
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower Cost-of-Ownership (CoO)
LAUDA-Noah Stand-Alone Temperature Control Systems are the first fully integrated sealed thermoelectric chillers in the industry.

This unit uses up to 80% less power than compressor based units, thus providing immediate energy savings. The only moving part is a pump ensuring a much more reliable chiller. Our sealed units are designed to be maintenance free. The fact that it is sealed will help prevent the glycol/water spills so common with open bath units. The LAUDA-Noah systems are manufactured to be retrofitted into existing applications with “plug and play” ease.

See our LAUDA-Noah Stand Alone Temperature Control System.