TherMOstat 500

TherMOstat 500

Stand-Alone Temperature Control Systems
TherMOstat 500
Item Number: 
TMO 500
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The Thermostat 500 is a thermoelectric (TE) based, sealed chiller which provides temperature control for a bubbler that is installed within the module. The module is space efficient, water cooled, and has PID temperature control. An internal pump circulates distilled water within the module for optimum heat transfer and temperature control.

This unit uses up to 80% less power than compressor based units, thus providing immediate energy savings. The only moving part is our pump ensuring a much more reliable chiller. Our sealed units are designed to be maintenance free. The fact that it is sealed will help prevent the glycol/water spills so common with open bath units. The LAUDA-Noah systems are manufactured to be retrofitted into existing applications with “plug and play” ease.


  • Superior accuracy and reliability
  • Small-sized units conserve valuable space
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower Cost-of-Ownership (CoO)


Temperature Range: 
0 to 50 ºC
Cooling Capacity: 
500 W @ 20 °C
Heating Capacity: 
1000 W @ 20 °C
Temperature Tolerance: 
±0.1 °C
Chiller Dimensions: 
12” W x 12” L x 21” H
Maximum AC Power: 
600 Watts
Power Line Frequency: 
50/60 Hz
Line Voltage: 
90 – 250 VAC, auto-ranging
Inlet Socket: 
According to IEC/EN 60320-1/C14
Power Cord: 
C13 to C20 plug, LAUDA-Noah supplied
Comm. Interface: 
DeviceNet, RS-485, RS-232, Analog
Cooling (Means): 
Facilities Cooling Water
Fluid Type: 
Distilled water
MTBF Target: 
≥ 30,000 hrs.