TherMOstat PSC

TherMOstat PSC

MOCVD Thermoelectric Temperature Control Systems
TherMOstat Power Supply Controller
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TherMOstat PSC
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Patented Thermoelectric Chiller

  • Only sealed, no-spill system on the market 
  • Superior reliability compared to compressors
  • One Moving Part

Lower Cost of ownership

  • Lower energy consumption / costs
  • No daily operator maintenance

Approved supplier for to leading industry manufacturers in:

  • Compound semi
  • Silicon Semi

Virtually eliminates cabinet pollution for improved instrument precision

Able to operate in ambient temperature up to 40ÂșC

Set-point stability unaffected by PCW fluctuations


127 mm
5 in
102 mm
4 in
381 mm
15 in
2 years